I did see some nature on this trip, but not much. Most was in Dry Halong Bay and the nature reserve in Cát Tiên.

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Nature in Việt Nam

View Limestone Karst Formation
View of the limestone karst formation in Dry Hạ Long Bay. (312k)
Marble Mountain South Đà
Marble Mountain south of Đà Nẵng. (238k)
China Beach Đà Nẵng
China Beach in Đà Nẵng. (337k)
Bark Tree Looks Like
The bark of this tree looks like camouflage paint. (472k)
Lianas Cát Tiên Nature
Lianas in the Cát Tiên nature reserve. (690k)
Roots Tree Huge Almost
The roots of this tree were huge, almost 2 m (7 ft) high (notice the sign in front of the tree, which was at eye level). (579k)
Mushrooms Growing Downed Tree
Mushrooms growing on a downed tree. (304k)
Circular Pattern Palm Leaves
The circular pattern of these palm leaves is almost psychedelic. (664k)
Dragonfly Lake Reserve
A dragonfly on a lake in the reserve. (329k)
Water Beetle Eggs
Water beetle Eggs. (395k)

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