The Himalayas are quite scenic. Here are some nature pictures.

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Nature in Tibet

Brahmaputra Largest Rivers
The Brahmaputra, one of the largest rivers in India starts here in Tibet. (737k)
Large Sand Dune
A large sand dune in the Brahmaputra valley near Samye Monastery. (794k)
View Mountains Along
A view of the mountains along the Brahmaputra valley between Lhasa and Tsedang. (979k)
Mound Prayer Flags
Mound with prayer flags in the mountains. (867k)
Prayer Flag Mounts
Prayer flag mounts on both sides of the Brahmaputra. (1191k)
Yamdrok-tso Holiest Lake
Yamdrok-tso, the holiest lake in Tibet. (564k)
Colorful Cliffs West
Colorful cliffs west of Shigatse. (1227k)
View Highest Peak
View of the highest peak in the area (7,000 m (23,000 ft)). (674k)
Lupines Blue Flowers
Lupines. These blue flowers gave a lot of the desert a nice blue color. (775k)
Yak Huge Creatures
A Yak. These are HUGE creatures. And the wild ones are supposed to be even larger than the domesticated ones. (604k)

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