I saw nature mainly in the nature reserve in Białowieża.

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Nature in Poland

Sudeten Mountains Border
Sudeten mountains on the border to the Czech Republic. (307k)
Białowieża National Park
Białowieża National Park. (437k)
Białowieża National Park
Białowieża National Park. (428k)
Tree European Mistletoe
Tree with European Mistletoe parasites (Viscum album, german: Weißbeerige Mistel, french: Gui (plante)). (509k)
Red Squirrel Sciurus
Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris, german: Eurasisches Eichhörnchen, french: Écureuil roux) in the Lazienki park in Warsaw. (312k)
Red Fox Vulpes
This Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes, german: Rotfuchs, french: Renard roux) was walking around between the ruins of the crematoriums in the concentration camp in Birkenau. For more on Auschwitz and Birkenau see the page with the reminders of the Nazi Holocaust. (292k)
European Bison Bison
European Bison (Bison bonasus, german: Wisent, french: Bison d'Europe). I didn't see them in the wild, only in the animal park next to the nature reserve. (261k)

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