The Amazon basin is spectacular for wildlife. Unfortunately, I only had a small point-and-shoot camera with me, it was my first trip to a more exotic destination, so I don't have more intersting pictures.

If you know the name of any of the animals or plants that are not named in these pages, please let me know so I can add the names to my pictures.

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Jungle Along Amazon River
Jungle along the Amazon river. (908k)
Amazon Rain Forest Closeup
Amazon Rain forest closeup. (904k)
Rain Forest
Rain forest. (958k)
Rainbow Over Flood Lake
Rainbow over a flood lake connected to the Amazon. (We were fishing for Piranhas in that lake). (661k)
Swollen Amazon Trees Floating
Swollen Amazon with trees floating downriver. The Amazon rises in the rainy season by 10-15 m (30-49 ft) and is filled with floating trees. (562k)
Sunset Over Amazon
Sunset over the Amazon. (583k)
Flooded Rain Forest Halfway
Flooded rain forest. I was there halfway through the rainy season. The river had already risen by 6 m (20 ft). It would rise another 6 m (20 ft) or so. (914k)
Forest Clear-cut Big Problem
Forest clear-cut. This is a big problem in the Amazon basin. (854k)
Liana Rain Forest Lianas
Liana in the rain forest. Some of these lianas contain large amounts of drinkable water in their porous wood. Our guide cut of a piece of a liana about 60 cm (24") long. You can drink from it like from a water jug. (873k)
Flower. (877k)
Heliconia sp.
Heliconia sp. (german: Helikonien) in the rain forest. (853k)
Heliconia sp.
Heliconia sp. (german: Helikonien) in the rain forest. (638k)
Heliconia Flowers Rain Forest
Heliconia flowers in the rain forest. (657k)
Victoria amazonica
Queen Victoria's Water Lilies (Victoria amazonica, german: Amazonas-Riesenseerose, french: Victoria d'Amazonie). Some of them were almost 2 m (7 ft) in diameter. (907k)
Termite Nest Quite Different
Termite nest. These are quite different from what you see in Africa. These termites build cement tubes along the tree as walkways. (729k)
Praying Mantis Well Camouflaged
Praying Mantis. It is well camouflaged in the center of the picture in thread posture. (943k)
Avicularia juruensis
Peruvian Pinktoe Tarantula (Avicularia juruensis). (775k)
Millipede See Wave-like Motion
Millipede. You can see the wave-like motion of his feet. (758k)
Python. (861k)
Tree Full Weaverbird Nests
A tree full of weaverbird nests. (759k)
Several Species Dolphins Amazon
There are several species of dolphins in the Amazon. They are generally almost blind, since the water is usually too full of sediment to see anything. They orient themselves with echo location. There is a dolphin in the picture in the center, unfortunately without a telephoto lens I couldn't get a better picture. (873k)
Flowers Machu Picchu Walked
Flowers on Machu Picchu. I walked down from Machu Picchu to the hotel near the train station. On the way down I saw many orchids and other flowers. (1135k)

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