Here are some pictures of nature in Laos. I hardly saw any animals. Laos is a poor country, and the people have to eat whatever they can get. All wildlife is fair game in such a situation.

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Mountains Northern Laos
Mountains in northern Laos. (588k)
Cloud Layer Valleys
A cloud layer in the valleys in northern Laos. (767k)
Sunset Over Luang
Sunset over Luang Prabang. (485k)
Council Tree Ficus
Council Tree (Ficus altissima). Called Ton Hai in Lao. (1214k)
Strangler Fig Host
Strangler Fig. The host tree has long since died. (1283k)
Lady Palm Leaves
Lady Palm. The leaves are use to make the typical conical straw hats. (1075k)
Mushrooms Forest
Mushrooms in the forest. (1034k)
Grasses Tall Grasses
Grasses. These tall grasses were ubiquitous in some areas. The glisten in the sun. (1361k)
Water Lily
Water lily. (919k)
Water Lily
Water lily. (717k)
Trumpet Flowers
Trumpet flowers. (645k)
Damselfly Order Odonata
Damselfly (Order Odonata (german: Libellen, french: ), suborder Zygoptera (german: Kleinlibellen, french: )). (599k)
Two Dragonflies
Two dragonflies. (558k)
Large Spider Body
Large spider. The body of this spider was about 5-6 cm (2.0-2.4") long. (853k)
Large Spider
Large spider. (569k)
Water Buffalo Cattle
Water buffalo and cattle egrets in the swamp. (709k)
Sun Bears Helarctos
Sun Bears (Helarctos malayanus, german: Malaienbär, french: Ours malais). (745k)
Sun Bear Sleeping
Sun Bear sleeping. (742k)
Sun Bear
Sun Bear. (763k)

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