I saw some fauna on Grenada and Carriacou. While snorkeling I did see nice underwater sights.

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Nature on Grenada and Carriacou

View South-eastern Tip
View of the south-eastern tip of Grenada. (726k)
Fern Covered Forest
Fern covered forest in Grand Etang National Park. (984k)
Large Ferns Grand
Large ferns in Grand Etang National Park. (1264k)
Large Tree Fern
Large Tree Fern in Grand Etang National Park. (1064k)
Grand Etang Lake
Grand Etang Lake. (725k)
Large Cactus
Large cactus. (1373k)
Hibiscus Hibiscus Sp
Hibiscus (Hibiscus sp., german: Hibiskus). (892k)
Red Ginger Alpinia
Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata, french: Gingembre d'ornement rouge). (1204k)
Close-up Red Ginger
Close-up of the Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata, french: Gingembre d'ornement rouge). (624k)
Flower. (594k)
Heliconia Heliconia Sp
Heliconia (Heliconia sp., german: Helikonien). (752k)
Termite Nest Tree
Termite nest on a tree. (993k)
Ghost Crab Ocypode
Ghost Crab (Ocypode sp.). (629k)

Under Water

Yellow Tube Sponge
Yellow Tube Sponge (Aplysina insularis). (692k)
Large School Small
Large school of small fish. (515k)
Dense School Redear
Dense school of Redear Sardine (Harengula humeralis). (503k)
Yellowtail Snapper Ocyurus
Yellowtail Snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus, german: Gelbschwanz-Schnapper, french: Vivaneau à queue jaune). (705k)
Juvenile Spanish Hogfish
Juvenile Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus, german: Spanischer Schweinslippfisch, french: Pourceau espagnol). (745k)
Bluehead Wrasse Thalassoma
Bluehead Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum, french: Girelle à tête bleue). (649k)
Banded Butterflyfish Chaetodon
Banded Butterflyfish (Chaetodon striatus, german: Gestreifter Falterfisch, french: Poisson-papillon à bandes noires). (573k)
Yellowhead Wrasse Halichoeres
Yellowhead Wrasse (Halichoeres garnoti, french: Girelle à tête jaune). (771k)
Reef Fish
Reef fish. (505k)
Reef Fish
Reef fish. (661k)

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