I did see some nice scenery in the nature parks. Most of the areas however are agricultural. There is not much wildlife to see, other than birds.

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Waterfall. (1144k)


Flowers. (758k)
Flower. (772k)
Orchid. (564k)
Nymphaea alba
White Water Lily (Nymphaea alba, german: Weiße Seerose, french: Nénuphar blanc). (667k)
Nymphaea rubra
India Red Water Lily (Nymphaea rubra, german: Seerosen). (828k)
Ixora thwaitesii
Ixora (Ixora thwaitesii). (1275k)
Microcycas calocoma
Microcycas (Microcycas calocoma, german: Zwergpalmfarn), endemic to Cuba. (1027k)
Delonix regia
Flamboyant Tree (Delonix regia, german: Flammenbaum, french: Flamboyant). (941k)
Roystonea regia
Cuban Royal Palm (Roystonea regia, german: Königspalme, french: Palmier royal de Cuba). (690k)
Couroupita guianensis
Cannonball Tree (Couroupita guianensis, german: Kanonenkugelbaum, french: Boulet de canon). (1017k)


Leafcutter Ant
Leafcutter ant. (1118k)
Wasp Nests
Wasp nests. (1304k)
Close-up Wasp Nests
Close-up of the wasp nests. (1037k)
Butterfly. (546k)
Anthanassa frisia
Cuban Crescent butterfly (Anthanassa frisia). (701k)
Hermit Crab Snail Shell
Hermit Crab in a snail shell. (672k)
Hermit Crab Hiding Snail
Hermit Crab hiding in a snail shell. (727k)
Land Crab
Land Crab. (687k)
Land Crab
Land Crab. (829k)
Land Crab
Land Crab. (851k)
Land Crab Tree
Land Crab on a tree. (617k)
Land Crab
Land Crab. (812k)
Land Crab
Land Crab. (833k)
Leiocephalus sp.
Curly-tailed Lizards (Leiocephalus sp., german: Glattkopfleguane). (746k)
Eptesicus fuscus
Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus, german: Große Braune Fledermaus, french: Sérotine brune). (575k)
Crocodylus rhombifer
Cuban Crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer, german: Kubakrokodil, french: Crocodile de Cuba), endemic to Cuba. (787k)

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